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  19. Feb 2018 06:36  

My Box said: "Install Win95 or better ..." So I installed Linux.
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Hello from

Diag: "Missing object, wrong URL ?"

Your request for the object @ may be incorrect, the object has possibly been relocated or might actually be missing for some reason, hmmm ...

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some Hot Hints

Also please take into acount that some releases / updates come and disappear faster than
you can eat your breakfast :-)
So always check the source place in case a release seems to be not available (anymore) :-)
As you're probably coming from a search engine offering older URL ref. try also an URL without components in the path like .../z0/..., .../z1/... etc.
Example: insted of /zz2/infosys/servers/etc always use /infosys/servers/etc

Simply start from the top of GDS.

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