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Batch Conversion



Batch conversion dialog

Click on the File menu, select Batch Conversion. A
dialog opens. The right side of the box allows you
to select a directory from which the files to be
converted will be taken. Use Look in and File name
to narrow down the search; use Files of type to
limit the search to one type of file, such as jpg.
On the bottom of the right side is the box for
selecting the output directory: the one where the
converted images will be stored. For best results,
this should be a different location than the one
from which the images are taken. If you change the
type of image during conversion, the same directory
may be used. If you don't have the full path for
this directory, click the Browse button to find it.
When you have selected a directory with Browse,
click the Use dir button.
To the right of Output directory is a button for
Advanced Options. Click to open a dialog that allows
many special operations to be applied to the images
during conversion. These options all work much like
their versions on the Image menu. The options are:
Resize, Change color depth, Horizontal flip, Vertical
flip, Rotate left, Rotate right, Convert to greyscale,
Negative, Sharpen, Gamma Correction, Contrast, and
Check any or all you want to use, then click OK. To
exit without making any selections, click Cancel.
Select the files you want to convert. In the box above
(still on the right side,) click the file names. If
you have a large range of files to choose, click the
first. Move the mouse to the last file in the group
(use the horizontal scroll bar, if necessary,) hold
down the Shift key on the keyboard, and click. The
entire range will be selected. To choose individual
files, hold down the Ctrl key and click each file
name with the mouse.
On the left side of the dialog, click the Add button.
The files will be added to the box at left. These are
the files that will be converted. If you like, you
can click one file name at right, then the Add button.
This can be repeated as many times as needed. Click
the Add all button to select every image in the
directory. Remove and Remove all perform the exact
opposite function: they take chosen files back out.
To use Remove, first click a file name or range of
files in the box at left, then click Remove.
At bottom left is a box for selecting the Output
Format of the files. This works just like choosing
the output type for Save and Save As. The Options
button lets you choose from various operations to
perform on the images, also just like their Save
and Save As versions. These options are fully
explained here.

When all files and options are chosen, click the
Start button to begin the conversion. A box will
appear, showing the progress of the conversion.
If you need to halt the operation, click the Stop
button. As the conversions are made, IrfanView
shows the progress in the dialog box, including
any errors that occur. When the process is done,
click the Exit button to close the dialog.
Batch conversion may also be performed from outside
IrfanView, using a command line option.

For a helpful reminder of many of the functions in the Batch conversion dialog, click the ? in the upper right corner of the box, point the mouse at an item in the box, and click again. A message will appear to tell you what that item is for. When you are finished converting files, click the Cancel button to exit the dialog. You may also click this at any time before the conversion process starts. Another way of exiting is to click the X in the upper right corner of the box.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.