C Programming

When the variables are no longer required, the space which was allocated to them by calloc should be returned to the system. This is done by,

	free( date_pointer );

Other C calls associated with memory are,

	alloc		allocate a block of memory from the heap
	malloc		allocate a block of memory, do not zero out
	zero		zero a section of memory
	blockmove	move bytes from one location to another

Other routines may be included in the particular version of the compiler you may have, ie, for MS-DOS v3.0,

	memccpy		copies characters from one buffer to another
	memchr		returns a pointer to the 1st occurrence of a 
			designated character searched for
	memcmp		compares a specified number of characters
	memcpy		copies a specified number of characters
	memset		initialise a specified number of bytes with a given character
	movedata	copies characters

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