C Programming, v2.7
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This self paced learning module on C programming includes all the information you need to learn how to program in C quickly and effectively. The on-line notes are free, but you can also purchase the CD-ROM which has ALL the self study guides found here, and the CD is packed with additional resources and features. This self study guide is not a definitive guide to C, but is designed to help you program quickly and effectively in C. It is packed with heaps of examples, inter-active tests, and a complete set of on-line notes.

Resource Material/Reference Books

Getting started: A very brief intro to what you need to program in C
List of C resources and tutorials on the Internet
C FAQ, or HTML version
Huge list of C/C++ Tools
GNU C/C++ Compiler Homepage [MSDOS port]
GNU C/C++ Compiler FAQ

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Copyright Brian Brown, 1984-1999. All rights reserved.