Fortran Condiditonal Compilation

The CoCo processor consists of three Fortran programs. Two of these three programs are already written. The other program is generated from running the first program.

A complete description of the standard and sample code can be found at The programs below may not represent the latest versions.

Here are the two progams you need to download:

The header comment in coco1.f90 has complete instructions. Here's a quick overview:
  1. When the 1st program is run, it creates a module and a program in a file named coco2.f90
  2. When coco2.f90 is run, it creates a file with line numbers in it and possibly a code for ERROR or STOP.
  3. When the 3rd program is run, it generates the results of CoCo processing.

Here are example operating system commands for the CoCo process:

f90 coco2.f90

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