AMLABEL(8)                                                          AMLABEL(8)


       amlabel - label an AMANDA tape


       amlabel [-f] config label [slot slot]


       All AMANDA tapes must be pre-labeled before they are used. AMANDA veri-
       fies the label in amdump and amflush before writing to  make  sure  the
       proper tape is loaded.

       Amlabel  writes  an AMANDA label on the tape in the device specified by
       the amanda.conf file in /usr/local/etc/amanda/config. Label may be  any
       string  that  does  not  contain  whitespace and that matches the aman-
       da.conf  labelstr regular expression option. It is up to the system ad-
       ministrator to define a naming convention.

       Amlabel appends the new tape to the tapelist file so it will be used by
       AMANDA before it reuses any other  tapes.  When  you  amlabel  multiple
       tapes, they will be used in the order you amlabel them.

       Amlabel  will not write the label if the tape contains an active AMANDA
       tape or if the label specified is on an active  tape.  The  -f  (force)
       flag bypasses these verifications.

       An  optional  slot  may  be  specified  after the tape label. If a tape
       changer is in use, amlabel will label the tape in  the  specified  slot
       instead of the currently loaded tape.

       See the amanda(8) man page for more details about AMANDA.


       Write  an AMANDA label with the string ‘‘DMP000’’ on the tape loaded in
       the device named in the tapedev  option  in  /usr/local/etc/amanda/dai-

       % amlabel daily DMP000

       Label  the tape in slot 3 of the currently configured tape changer with
       the string ‘‘DMP003’’:

       % amlabel daily DMP003 slot 3


       label label doesn’t match labelstr str
              Label label on the command line does not match the labelstr reg-
              ular expression str from amanda.conf.

       label label already on a tape
              Label label is already listed as an active AMANDA tape.

       no tpchanger specified in path , so slot command invalid
              The command line has the slot parameter but the amanda.conf file
              in path does not have a tape changer configured.

       reading label label, tape is in another amanda configuration
              This tape appears to be a valid AMANDA tape, but label does  not
              match  labelstr for this configuration so it is probably part of
              a different AMANDA configuration.

       reading label label, tape is active
              Tape label appears to already be part of this AMANDA  configura-
              tion and active, i.e. has valid data on it.

       no label found, are you sure tape is non-rewinding?
              While checking that the label was written correctly, amlabel got
              an error that might be caused by mis-configuring AMANDA  with  a
              rewinding  tape  device  name  instead of a non-rewinding device
              name for tape.


       James da Silva, <>: Original text

       Stefan G. Weichinger, <>, maintainer of the  AMANDA-docu-
       mentation: XML-conversion


       amanda(8)  amdump(8)  amflush(8)


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