AMVERIFY(8)                                                        AMVERIFY(8)


       amverify - check an Amanda tape for errors


       amverify config [slot [runtapes]]


       Amverify  reads  an Amanda format tape and makes sure each backup image
       can be processed by amrestore and, if possible, the appropriate restore
       program (e.g. tar).

       Amverify  runs  amrestore on each file of the tape and pipes the output
       to a restore program (if available) with an option to  create  a  cata-
       logue  of  the backup. The catalogue itself is discarded. Only the suc-
       cess or failure of the operation itself is reported.

       If the backup image cannot be processed by the restore program, e.g. if
       it  was  written  on  a  different  operating system, the image is sent
       through dd to /dev/null. This still determines if the tape is readable,
       but does not do any internal consistency check on the image.

       If  config  is  set  up to use a tape changer, the slot argument may be
       used to choose the first tape to process. Otherwise, the  current  slot
       is used.

       The runtapes configuration parameter determines how many tapes are pro-
       cessed unless it is specified on the command line.

       See the amanda(8) man page for more details about Amanda.


       Axel Zinser <> : Original text

       Stefan G. Weichinger, <>, maintainer of the  AMANDA-docu-
       mentation: XML-conversion


       amrestore(8), amanda(8), amverifyrun(8)


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