FROMMAC(L)                                                          FROMMAC(L)


       frommac - Receive files from the Macintosh


       frommac [ - options ]


       frommac receives files from the Macintosh and processes them subject to
       the options specified.


       In the absence of any options,  frommac  receives  a  single  file  and
       stores it in MacBinary format, giving the output file ".bin" extensions
       and placing it in the current working directory.

       -3     Write files in fork format (.info, .data and .rsrc files.)

       -f     As -3, but empty data and rsrc files are not created.

       -r     Write resource forks only (.rsrc files.)

       -d     Write data forks only (.data files.)

       -u     As -d, but the codes for CR and LF are interchanged,  the  file-
              name extension is .text.

       -U     As -u, but there is no filename extension.

       -a     Write  files in AppleShare format.  This option is only valid if
              the program is compiled with support for  some  form  of  Apple-
              Share.  The current directory must be a valid AppleShare folder.

       -s     Write received files to standard output in MacBinary format.

       -l     List every file received.

       -m     Receive multiple files.  Entering ^X (CNTRL-X)  after  the  last
              file will terminate the program.

       -x     Use the XMODEM protocol for transmission.

       -y     Use the YMODEM protocol for transmission (not yet supported.)

       -z     Use the ZMODEM protocol for transmission (not yet supported.)

       -o     Use the pre-beta version of XMODEM.

       -T     Allow  for time-out detection during the protocol.  Normally you
              will not need this option  because  on  occasion,  when  network
              delays  do  occur,  time-out  detection  interferes  with a good
              transmission.  Also, when for some reason the connection is bro-
              ken  the program will normally receive a hang-up signal and ter-
              minate.  However, in some situations it might  be  necessary  to
              early  detect  time-outs (because of communication loss or what-
              ever, without loss of connection).  You should check whether use
              of  this  option has profits in your situation or not.  Normally
              when transmission errors did occur entering a number of times ^X
              (CNTRL-X) will gracefully terminate the program.

       -V     Gives  the  patchlevel  of  the  program, and other information.
              Other options are ignored and the program quits immediately.

       -H     Give short information about the  options.   Other  options  are
              ignored and the program quits immediately.


       As this is a beta release, there may still be some problems.




       Dik T. Winter, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (

       Parts of the code are based on codes from: Dave Johnson.

3rd Berkeley Distribution      October 22, 1992                     FROMMAC(L)

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