WHOIS(1)                                                              WHOIS(1)


       whois, fwhois - query a whois or nicname database


       whois   [-v]   [-r|-n]   [-h   server]  [-p  port]  [-t  timeout]  [--]


       whois formats and sends queries to any RFC954 whois server  and  prints
       the results to standard output.


       -h server
              The name of the server to query.  If no server is specified, the
              environment variables NICNAMESERVER and WHOISSERVER are  checked
              for  server  names,  and  if neither is set, whois.crsnic.net is

       -p port
              Change the port the whois client connects to.   The  default  is
              whois  but any valid service name will do.  If you get bored you
              can try using finger and see what happens.

       -t     Set a time limit for each query, after  which  the  client  will
              exit  rather  than  wait.  The time limit includes every part of
              the query, including name resolution.

       -r     Force recursion.  If the first server response contains  a  line
              similar to

              Whois Server: hostname

              whois  will  retry  the  same query with hostname as the server.
              This is the default when the default server is being queried.

       -n     Disable recursion, even if the default server is being  queried.

       -v     Be  verbose  in  the query.  This causes the client to print the
              query string it will send to the server before sending it.

       --     Don't interpret subsequent -p, -h, -r,  or  -v  flags  given  as


       None  known, but it's a simple enough protocol that I don't think there
       are going to be any problems.


       Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin@redhat.com>

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