GEDIT(1)                                                              GEDIT(1)


       gedit - text editor for the GNOME Desktop


       gedit  [--help]  [--encoding]  [--new-window] [--new-document] [--quit]
       [+[num]] [filename(s)...]


       gedit gedit is the official text editor of the GNOME  desktop  environ-

       While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, gedit is a powerful general
       purpose text editor.  It can be used to create and edit  all  kinds  of
       text files.

       gedit  features  a  flexible plugin system which can be used to dynami-
       cally add new advanced features to gedit itself.


       --help Prints the command line options.

              Set the character encoding to be  used  for  opening  the  files
              listed on the command line".

              Create a new toplevel window in an existing instance of gedit.

              Create a new document in an existing instance of gedit.

       --quit Quit an existing instance of gedit.

       +[num] For  the  first  file, go to the line specified by "num" (do not
              insert a space between the "+" sign and the number).   If  "num"
              is missing, go to the last line.

              Specifies  the  file  to  open when gedit starts. If this is not
              specified, gedit will load a blank file with an  "Unsaved  Docu-
              ment"  label. Multiple files can be loaded if they are separated
              by spaces.  gedit also supports handling of remote  files.   For
              example,  you  can pass the location of a webpage to gedit, like
              "", or load a file from a FTP  server,  like


       gedit accepts pipes, so it can be run after another command to load the
       output into gedit. For example :

       ls -l | gedit


       If     you     find     a     bug,     please     report     it      at


       Paolo Maggi (

       Paolo Borelli (

       James Willcox (

       Federico Mena Quintero (

       Chema Celorio

                                  20 Feb 2005                         GEDIT(1)

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