megatron(1)                        Netatalk                        megatron(1)


       megatron, unhex, unbin, unsingle, hqx2bin, single2bin, macbinary - Mac-
       intosh file format transformer


       megatron [sourcefile]...

       unbin [sourcefile]...

       unhex [sourcefile]...

       unsingle [sourcefile]...

       hqx2bin [sourcefile]...

       single2bin [sourcefile]...

       macbinary [sourcefile]...


       megatron is used to transform files from BinHex,  MacBinary,  AppleSin-
       gle,  or  netatalk style AppleDouble formats into MacBinary or netatalk
       style AppleDouble formats. The netatalk style AppleDouble format is the
       file  format  used  by afpd, the netatalk Apple Filing Protocol (Apple-
       Share) server. BinHex, MacBinary, and  AppleSingle  are  commonly  used
       formats  for transferring Macintosh files between machines via email or
       file transfer protocols. megatron uses its name to determine what  type
       of tranformation is being asked of it.

       If megatron is called as unhex , unbin or unsingle, it tries to convert
       file(s) from BinHex, MacBinary, or AppleSingle into AppleDouble format.
       BinHex is the format most often used to send Macintosh files by e-mail.
       Usually these files have an extension of ".hqx". MacBinary is the  for-
       mat  most  often used by terminal emulators "on the fly" when transfer-
       ring Macintosh files in binary mode.  MacBinary  files  often  have  an
       extension  of ".bin". Some Macintosh LAN-based email packages use uuen-
       coded AppleSingle format to  "attach"  or  "enclose"  files  in  email.
       AppleSingle files don’t have a standard filename extension.

       If megatron is called as hqx2bin, single2bin, or macbinary, it will try
       to convert the file(s) from BinHex, AppleSingle,  or  AppleDouble  into
       MacBinary.  This  last  translation  may  be useful in moving Macintosh
       files from your afpd server to some other machine when you  can’t  copy
       them from the server using a Macintosh for some reason.

       If megatron is called with any other name, it uses the default transla-
       tion, namely unhex.

       If no source file is given, or if sourcefile is ‘-’, and if the conver-
       sion  is from a BinHex or MacBinary file, megatron will read from stan-
       dard input.

       The filename used to store any output file  is  the  filename  that  is
       encoded  in  the source file. MacBinary files are created with a ".bin"
       extension. In the case of conflicts, the old file is overwritten!



2.0.2                             8 Jan 1992                       megatron(1)

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