IMONTTY(8)                Linux System Administration               IMONTTY(8)


       imontty - display status of all ISDN lines


       imontty [ phonebook ]


       imontty  displays  the  status  of  all ISDN lines. No options are sup-
       ported. Read access to /dev/isdninfo is required.

       It is possible to supply the name of a phonebook  file.  The  phonebook
       file has the following format:

          number<tab>name for number

       The  number  must  be  the first thing on the line (no leading spaces).
       The name is separated from the number by a tab.  Lines beginning with #
       are ignored, as are empty lines.

       The output is similar to this:

       ISDN channel status:

       Channel                 Usage Type  Number
       line0                   Out   Net   0204229700
       line0                   Off

       Usage is one of Off(line), Out(going), In(coming) or Excl(usive).

       Type  is  one of raw (raw device), Modem (modem/tty emulation), Net (IP
       interface), Voice (voice call) or Fax (fax transmission).

       Number is either the called party’s number (outgoing)  or  the  calling
       party number (incoming).


       Volker Götz
       manpage adapted from the README by Paul Slootman <>



isdn4k-utils-3.7                  2000/03/13                        IMONTTY(8)

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