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       lppasswd - add, change, or delete digest passwords.


       lppasswd [ -a ] [ -g groupname ] [ -x ] [ username ]


       lppasswd  adds,  changes, or deletes passwords in the CUPS digest pass-
       word file, passwd.md5. When run by a normal user, lppasswd will  prompt
       for the old and new passwords. When run by the super-user, lppasswd can
       add new accounts (-a username), change existing accounts (username), or
       delete accounts (-x username) in the digest password file. Digest user-
       names do not have to match local UNIX usernames, but  only  UNIX  user-
       names are supported by the CUPS client programs (lp(1), lpr(1), etc.)

       The  -g  option  specifies a group other than the system group - "sys",
       "system", or "root", depending on the operating system.


       The lppasswd command is installed setuid to root. While  every  attempt
       has  been  made  to  make  it  secure against exploits that could grant
       super-user priviledges to unpriviledged users, paranoid system adminis-
       trators  may  wish to disable or change the ownership of the program to
       an unpriviledged account.


       lp(1), lpr(1), CUPS Software Administrators Manual, CUPS Software Users
       Manual, http://localhost:631/documentation.html


       Copyright 1993-2005 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved.

7 June 2001               Common UNIX Printing System              lppasswd(1)

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