MGP2PS(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                MGP2PS(1)


     mgp2ps - generate PostScript file from MagicPoint file


     mgp2ps [-cirtV] [-f psfile] [-p papersize] [-x xmargin] [-y ymargin]


     mgp2ps is a converter from MagicPoint file mgpfile to PostScript file.
     If -f option is specified, PostScript will be generated to psfile.  Oth-
     erwise, printed to the standard output.

     If there exists foo.eps corresponding to foo.gif (or whatever), the
     encapsulated PostScript file will be included to the PostScript file

     The following options are available:

     -c      Generate color postscript file (experimental).  By default mgp2ps
             will generate monochrome postscript file.

     -i      Paint inside icon symbols.

     -r      Stack the paper in reverse order.

     -V      Be verbose.

     -f psfile
             Pathname to put the PostScript output.

     -p papersize
             papersize specifies the size of the paper to be used.  a3, a4,
             a5, b5, A3, A4, A5, B5, letter, legal, ledger, tabloid,
             statement, executive, folio, quarto and 10x14 are available.
             Default size is a4.

     -x xmargin

     -y ymargin
             xmargin and ymargin specifies length of the margin area around
             the edge of the paper.

     -t      Use truetypefont instead of psfont (ASCII font only).

     -e      Specify encodings. At this moment, "iso-8859-1" and "latin1" are
             supported as encodings.




     mgp2ps was created so that Kazu Yamamoto could submit his tutorial docu-
     ment to the committee of Intenret Week '97.

BSD                            November 16, 2002                           BSD

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