mouseconfig(8)                                                  mouseconfig(8)


       mouseconfig - configure mouse for use under Linux


       mouseconfig [--help] [--expert] [--noprobe] [--kickstart]
                   [--device    device]    [--emulthree]   [mousetype]


       mouseconfig sets up the necessary configuration files and file links to
       use  a  mouse  on  a  Red Hat system. There are two modes of operation:
       interactive and kickstart.

       In interactive mode the user is prompted for the type of mouse attached
       to the system. Some of this information may be automatically probed and
       filled in. If --expert is specified then the user will have an opportu-
       nity to override the probed values.  After changes to the mouse config-
       uration have been made, mouseconfig offers to modify the X server  con-
       figuration to reflect the new settings.

       In  kickstart  mode,  Xconfigurator  will try to autoprobe all required
       information, non-interactively.  Mice on a PS/2 type port will be found
       automatically.   Serial  mice  will  usually  be found, but the type of
       serial mouse cannot normally  be  determined.  The  user  can  use  the
       <mousetype> option to force mouseconfig to use a particular mouse type.
       Running mouseconfig --help will list the valid mouse types.

       --help Print a usage message on standard output and exit  successfully.
              Gives complete lists of the mouse types recognized.

       --back Display a back button on the first screen rather then the normal
              cancel button.

              Gives the user manual control over  some  parameters  which  are
              automatically satisfied in normal use.

              No probing will be done to find attached mice devices.

              Tells  Xconfigurator  to run in non-interactive mode, filling in
              as much information as posible by probing for  a  mouse.  If  no
              mouse is found, a Microsoft mouse on /dev/ttyS0 is assumed.

       --device <port>
              Specifies  the  hardware  port to use in kickstart mode.  One of
              "ttyS0",  "ttyS1",  "ttyS2",  "ttyS3",  or   "psaux"   normally.
              mouseconfig should normally be able to probe this information.

              Specifies  that X11 should cause a two button mouse to emulate a
              three button mouse when both buttons are pressed  together.  Use
              only for two button mice.

       --test Lets  mouseconfig be run by a non-root user, and doesn't attempt
              to save the new configuration.

              Specifies the mouse type to use in kickstart  mode.   PS/2  type
              mice are probed automatically, but if a non-Microsoft compatible
              serial mouse  is  connected  then  this  argument  is  required.
              mouseconfig --help will list the valid types of mice.


       mouseconfig  returns  0  on success, 2 on error, and 1 if the user can-
       celled the program (by using either the Cancel or Back button).


                           Specifies the mouse type, and whether 3 button emu-
                           lation should be used.

       /dev/mouse          Symlink  pointing to the device file for the mouse.

                                Tue Mar 30 1999                 mouseconfig(8)

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