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       netdump - send oops data and memory dumps over the network


       /etc/init.d/netdump {start|stop|status|restart|propagate}


       Loads and configures the netdump kernel modules. Once these are loaded,
       when the kernel crashes it will send the oops message  and  a  dump  of
       physical  memory  to the machine that runs the netdump-server. This can
       then be used to debug the problem using gdb and a kernel image.


       start  Starts the netdump client service. Loads the kernel modules with
              the right options.

       stop   Unloads the kernel modules.

       status Shows the status of the netdump client

              Restarts the netclient modules with new configurations.

              Sends  the  ssh  public  key needed to update the random key for
              each netdump session to the netdump server.


              Configuration for the netdump client. You need to at least spec-
              ify  the address of the machine running the netdump server here.
              The NETDUMPKEYEXCHANGE variable in /etc/sysconfig/netdump can be
              set to none to disable security features of netdump.  If none is
              specified, the server must be configured not to use security.

              Public key for this machine. Used by the server to  authenticate
              the client.  This must be installed on the server if security is
              enabled, possibly by using the the propagate capability  of  the
              netdump init script, which does:

       cat /etc/sysconfig/ | ssh netdump@$NETDUMPADDR cat >> /var/crash/.ssh/authorized_keys2

              Where  $NETDUMPADDR is the ip or name of the machine running the
              netdump server.


       netdump-server(8), init(8)


       Report any bugs you find to


       Alexander Larsson <>

Linux                             14 Feb 2002                NETDUMP-CLIENT(8)

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