NWPASSWD(1)                        nwpasswd                        NWPASSWD(1)


       nwpasswd - Change a user’s password


       nwpasswd  [ -h ] [ -S server ] [ -U user name ] [ -O object name ] [ -t
       object type ]


       With nwpasswd, you can  change  your  password  on  a  NetWare  server.
       nwpasswd asks for the old password and twice for the new password. Then
       it changes the password on the server.


          With -h nwpasswd prints a little help text.

       -S server
          is the name of the server you want to use.

       -U user name
          is the name of the bindery object whose password is to be changed.

       -O object name
          If you have supervisor privileges, you can change other users’ pass-
          words.  With  -O  you  can  tell nwpasswd the name of the user whose
          password should be changed.

       -t object type
          is the bindery object type of the object whose  password  is  to  be


       nwpasswd would not have been possible without the work of Guntram Blom.
       Look at nwcrypt.c for his work.

nwpasswd                          01/16/1997                       NWPASSWD(1)

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