OSGMLNORM(1)                       osgmlnorm                      OSGMLNORM(1)


       osgmlnorm  -  An  SGML  System Conforming to International Standard ISO
       8879 -- Standard Generalized Markup Language. An SGML Extended  Facili-
       ties  system  conforming  to  Annex A of International Standard ISO/IEC
       10744 -- Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language.


       osgmlnorm [-CdeghmnrRvx] [-alinktype] [-Aarchitecture]
                 [-bbctf] [-ccatalog] [-Ddirectory...]
                 [-Emax_errors...] [-iname...] [-fname...]
                 [-wwarning...] [sysid...]


       osgmlnorm prints on the standard output a normalized document  instance
       for  the  SGML  document contained in the concatenation of the entities
       with system identifiers [sysid...].

       When the normalized instance is prefixed with the original SGML  decla-
       ration and prolog, it will have the same ESIS as the original SGML doc-
       ument, with the following exceptions:

       * The output of osgmlnorm does not protect against the  recognition  of
       short  reference delimiters, so any USEMAP declarations must be removed
       from the DTD.

       * The normalized instance will use the reference  delimiters,  even  if
       the original instance did not.

       *  If  marked  sections are included in the output using the -m option,
       the reference reserved names will be used for the status keywords  even
       if the original instance did not.

       *  Any ESIS information relating to the SGML LINK feature will be lost.

       The normalized instance will not use any markup  minimization  features
       except that:

       *  Any attributes that were not specified in the original instance will
       not be included in the normalized instance. (Current attributes will be

       *  If  the declared value of an attribute was a name token group, and a
       value was specified that was the same as the  name  of  the  attribute,
       then  the attribute name and value indicator will be omitted. For exam-
       ple, with HTML osgmlnorm would output <DL COMPACT> rather than <DL COM-

       The following options are available:

       -aname, --activate=name
              Make doctype or linktype name active.

       -Aarchitecture, --architecture=architecture
              Parse with respect to architecture architecture.

       -bbctf, --bctf=bctf
              Use the BCTF with name bctf for output.

       -csysid, --catalog=sysid
              Map  public  identifiers  and entity names to system identifiers
              using the catalog entry file whose system identifier is sysid.

       -C, --catalogs
              This has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       -d, --dtd
              Output a document type declaration with the same external  iden-
              tifier  as  the input document, and with no internal declaration
              subset. No check is performed  that  the  document  instance  is
              valid with respect to this DTD.

       -Ddirectory, --directory=directory
              Search directory for files specified in system identifiers.

              This has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       -e, --open-entities
              Describe open entities in error messages.

              Show error numbers in error messages.

       -h, --help
              Display a help text and exit.

       -iname, --include=name
              This has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       -m, --marked-sections
              Output  any  marked  sections  that  were  in the input document

       -n, --comments
              Output any comments that were in the input document instance.

       -r, --raw
              Raw output. Don’t perform any conversion on  RSs  and  REs  when
              printing the entity. The entity would typically have the storage
              manager attribute records=asis.

       -R, --restricted
              This has the same effect as in onsgmls(1).

       -v, --version
              Print the version number.

       -wtype Control warnings and errors according to type. This has the same
              effect as in onsgmls(1).


       onsgmls(1), ospam(1), ospent(1), osx(1)


       James Clark, Ian Castle <ian.castle@openjade.org>.

OpenJade                         January 2002                     OSGMLNORM(1)

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