PCL3OPTS(1)                                                        PCL3OPTS(1)


       pcl3opts  —  determine  options  for the ghostscript driver pcl3 from a
       PCL-3+ file


       pcl3opts [-o output_file]  [input_file ...]


       The command pcl3opts is intended to help in determining  which  options
       one should use when calling ghostscript using pcl3 for driving a PCL-3+
       printer.  It analyzes one or more PCL input_files  and  issues  on  the
       output_file  its  best  guess as to which options one should specify in
       order to produce files using a similar configuration.  The default out-
       put_file is standard output.  If no input_files are specified, the com-
       mand reads from standard input.

       This command is mostly of interest if you have access to PCL files gen-
       erated  by software provided by the printer’s manufacturer, for example
       if you have a manufacturer-supplied Microsoft Windows driver  for  your
       printer.  In that case you can generate a few files under Windows using
       different settings and let pcl3opts examine them.


       Note that pcl3opts cannot guarantee that the collection of  options  it
       proposes  leads  to  a file which is understood by the printer.  It can
       merely provide a best guess.

       In addition, some settings require interpretation of the page  contents
       in order to properly translate them into options for pcl3 and some can-
       not reliably be derived from a PCL file at all.   Finding  good  values
       for  these parameters is beyond pcl3opts’s capabilities.  This includes
       LeadingEdge, SendBlackLast, Tumble  and  the  distinction  between  the
       colour models CMY+K and CMYK.




       Copyright  ©  2000,  2001  by  Martin Lottermoser, Greifswaldstraße 28,
       38124 Braunschweig, Germany.  E-mail: Martin.Lottermoser@t-online.de.

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       17:01:06 $).

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