Pnmtoplainpnm User Manual(0)                      Pnmtoplainpnm User Manual(0)


       pnmtoplainpnm - replaced by pnmtopnm


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pnmtoplainpnm  was  obsoleted  in  Netpbm  10.23  (July  2004)  by pnm-
       topnm(1).JustusetheNetpbmcommonoption -plain.

       pnmtoplainpnm exists today for backward compatibility; all it  does  is
       call pnmtopnm -plain.

       pnmtoplainpnm  was new in Netpbm 8.2 (March 2000) as a renaming of pnm-
       noraw, which was new in Pbmplus in November 1989.

netpbm documentation               July 2004      Pnmtoplainpnm User Manual(0)

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