Ppm3d User Manual(0)                                      Ppm3d User Manual(0)


       ppm3d - convert two PPM images into a red/blue 3d glasses PPM


       ppm3d leftppmfile rightppmfile [horizontal_offset]


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       ppm3d  reads two PPM images as input and produces a PPM as output, with
       the images overlapping by horizontal_offset pixels in blue/red  format.
       The  idea  is  that  if you look at the image with 3-D glasses (glasses
       that admit only red through one eye and only green through the  other),
       you see an image with depth.  This is called a stereogram.

       horizontal_offset  defaults  to  30 pixels.  The input PPMs must be the
       same dimensions.

       To make a different kind of stereogram, use pamstereogram.  That  makes
       a steregram that you view without special glasses, just by letting your
       eyes unfocus so that each eye sees different parts of the image.


       pamstereogram(1) ppm(1)


       Copyright (C) 1993 by David K. Drum.

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