Ppmcolormask User Manual(0)                        Ppmcolormask User Manual(0)


       ppmcolormask - produce mask of areas of a certain color in a PPM file






       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       ppmcolormask reads a PPM file as input and produces a PBM (bitmap) file
       as output.  The output file is the same dimensions as  the  input  file
       and is black in all places where the input file is the color color, and
       white everywhere else.

       The output of ppmcolormask is useful as an alpha mask input to pamcomp.
       Note that you can generate such an alpha mask automatically as you con-
       vert to PNG format with pnmtopng(1).Useits-transparent option.

       ppmfile is the input file.  If you don’t specify ppmfile, the input  is
       from Standard Input.

       The output goes to Standard Output.

       Specify the color (color) as described for the argument of the ppm_par-
       secolor() library routine .


       pgmtoppm(1), pamcomp(1), pbmmask(1), ppm(1)

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