Ppmtopj User Manual(0)                                  Ppmtopj User Manual(0)


       ppmtopj - convert a PPM image to an HP PaintJet file



       [-gamma val]

       [-xpos val]

       [-ypos val]

       [-back {dark|lite}]



       [-render  { none | snap | bw | dither | diffuse | monodither | monodif-
       fuse | clusterdither | monoclusterdither }]



       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       ppmtopj reads a PPM image as input and converts it into a format  suit-
       able to be printed by an HP PaintJet printer.

       For best results, the input file should be in 8-color RGB form; i.e. it
       should have only the 8 binary combinations of full-on and full-off pri-
       maries.  You could convert your input to this format like this:

           pamseq 3 1 testimg.ppm >8color.pam
           pnmremap -map 8color.pam testimg.pam | ppmtopj

       Or you could use use
           ppmdither -red 2 -green 2 -blue 2


       -rle   Run length encode the image.  (This can result in larger images)

       -back  Enhance the foreground by indicating if the background is  light
              or dark compated to the foreground.

       -render alg
              Use an internal rendering algorithm (default dither).

       -gamma int
              Gamma  correct  the  image  using  the  integer  int  as a gamma
              (default 0).

              Center the image to an 8.5 by 11 page

       -xpos pos
              Move by pos pixels in the x direction.

       -ypos pos
              Move by pos pixels in the y direction.


       HP PaintJet XL Color Graphics Printer User’s Guide, pnmtopclxl.html(1),
       pjtoppm.html(1),  pnmdepth(1),  pnmremap(1),  pamseq(1),  ppmdither(1),
       pbmtolj.html(1), ppmtolj(1), thinkjettopbm(1), ppm(1)


       Copyright (C) 1991 by Christos Zoulas.

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