PRIVATEPW(8)                                                      PRIVATEPW(8)


       privatepw - Change WU-FTPD Group Access File Information


       privatepw [-c] [-f ftpgroups] [-g group] accessgroup

       privatepw [-d] [-f ftpgroups] accessgroup

       privatepw [-l] [-f ftpgroups]

       privatepw [-V]


       If  a site supports the SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS commands it is neces-
       sary to be able to add, delete and list enhanced access group  informa-
       tion.  The  privatepw utility is used to update this information in the
       group access (aka, ftpgroups) file. This is meant as an  administrative
       tool  and  not  to  be run by the general user population. This command
       requires read/write permission to the appropriate ftpgroups file.


       After user logs in, the SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS commands may be  used
       to  specify  an  enhanced  access group and associated password. If the
       group name and password are valid, the user becomes (via  setegid())  a
       member  of  the  group  list in the group access file (specified by the
       _PATH_PRIVATE define in pathnames.h).

       The format of the group access file is:


       where access_group_name is an arbitrary  (alphanumeric  +  punctuation)
       string.  encrypted_password  is  the  password  encrypted via crypt(3),
       exactly like in /etc/passwd. real_group_name is the  name  of  a  valid
       group listed in /etc/group.


       -c     Create a new ftpgroups file.

       -d     Delete  the  specified  accessgroup's  information from the ftp-
              groups file.

       -g group
              Set the real system group to the group specified.  This is valid
              only  when  adding  a  new  accessgroup  or changing an existing
              accessgroup's password.

       -f ftpgroups
              Use the specified ftpgroups file for all updates.

       -l     List the contents of the appropriate ftpgroups file.

       -?     Display a simple help usage message.

       The    -V option causes the program to display  copyright  and  version
              information, then terminate.




       None known.


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