LPBANNER(1)                                                        LPBANNER(1)


       lpbanner - text banner
       pclbanner - pcl format banner
       psbanner - PostScript format banner


       lpbanner  [  -llength  ]  [  -wwidth ] [ -Pprinter ] [ -Lbannername ] [
       -nloginname ] [ -hhost ] [ -Jjobtitle ] [ -Cclass ] [ -?option args ] [
       all ]


       The  lpbanner  program is used to print a simple banner on a fixed size
       font printer, the pclbanner program generates  a  PCL  banner  and  the
       psbanner  program generates a PostScript banner.  All information to be
       printed is passed using command line arguements.  In order to  be  com-
       patible  with vintage line printer spoolers, reads a line form standard
       input, but ignores the information.


       -w width
            Page width in characters (default 132).

       -l length
            Page length in lines (default 60).

       -P printer
            printer queue for banner information.

       -L bannername
            Name used on banner as main name.

       -n loginname
            Name used on banner as login name.

       -h host
            Name used on banner as host name.

       -J jobtitle
            String used on banner as main title.

       -C class
            String used on banner as class.

       -? value
            All other options and arguments provided by LPRng are ignored.


       The following exit values are returned:

       zero (0)       Successful completion.

       non-zero (!=0) An error occurred.


       lpd.conf(5),  lpc(8),  lpd(8),  checkpc(8),  lpr(1),  lpq(1),  lprm(1),
       printcap(5), lpd.conf(5), pr(1).


       LPRng  is  a enhanced printer spooler system with functionality similar
       to  the  Berkeley  LPR   software.    The   LPRng   mailing   list   is;  subscribe  by sending mail to
       with the word subscribe in the body.  The software  is  available  from


       Patrick Powell <>.

LPRng                             LPRng-3.8.9                      LPBANNER(1)

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