RCPT500(8C)                                                        RCPT500(8C)


       rcpt500 - mail to X.500 gateway program


       /usr/sbin/rcpt500 [-l] [-h ldaphost] [-p ldapport] [-b searchbase] [-a]
       [-U] [-z sizelimit] [-u dapuser] [-f filterfile] [-t templatefile]  [-c


       rcpt500  is a mail-query server that answers X.500 white pages queries.
       It is designed to be run out of your mail system  alias  file  (or  the
       equivalent).   rcpt500  accepts the entire contents (including headers)
       of an RFC 822 message on standard input.  The message is parsed, and  a
       search  or help command found in the Subject: header of message body is
       recognized and a reply is sent to the sender.

       If you are using sendmail(8), you could add the following line  to  the
       aliases(5) file (/etc/aliases) to have rcpt500 invoked whenever mail is
       sent to the address namelookup on your host:
           namelookup:     "|/usr/sbin/rcpt500 -l"


       -l     Enable logging of requests to the LOG_DAEMON facility.

       -h ldaphost
              Specify an alternate host on which the ldap server is running.

       -p ldapport
              Specify and alternate TCP port where the ldap server is running.

       -b searchbase
              Specify  an alternate base for searches.  searchbase should be a
              string-represented LDAP Distinguished Name.

       -a     Turn off dereferencing of aliases for the LDAP search.

       -U     Use Connectionless LDAP (over UDP).  This option is only  avail-
              able when rcpt500 is compiled with -DCLDAP.

       -z sizelimit
              Limit  the  maximum  number  of  entries  returned  to sizelimit

       -t templatefile
              Specify an alternate template configuration file  for  use  with
              the ldap_init_templates(3) facility, used by rcpt500.

       -c rdncount
              Specify the number of DN components to show for the names and DN
              attributes within entries matching the search.


       The default values for most of the things you can specify with  options
       are configured at compile time in the include/ldapconfig.h.edit include
       file.  Also included there are the pathname of the help file, the  name
       of  the  command used to send replies, etc.  You should configure ldap-
       config.h.edit for your site.


                           help file


       ldap(3), aliases(5), sendmail(8)


       OpenLDAP  is  developed  and  maintained  by   The   OpenLDAP   Project
       (http://www.openldap.org/).   OpenLDAP  is  derived  from University of
       Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.0.25-Release         20 August 2000                     RCPT500(8C)

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