RCVDIST(1)                                                          RCVDIST(1)


       rcvdist - asynchronously redistribute new mail


       /usr/lib/nmh/rcvdist [-form formfile]
            [switches for postproc] address1 ...
            [-version] [-help]


       The  rcvdist  program  will  accept a message on its standard input and
       resend a copy of this message to all of the  addresses  listed  on  its
       command line.

       When a message is redistributed with the rcvdist command, the format of
       the Resent-xxx header fields is controlled by the forms files "rcvdist-
       comps".  If a file named "rcvdistcomps" exists in the user's nmh direc-
       tory, it will be used instead of the default one.  You may  specify  an
       alternate forms file with the switch `-form formfile'.

       The  "rcvdistcomps"  file  uses the format string facility described in
       mh-format(5).  In addition to the standard format escapes, rcvdist also
       recognizes the following additional component escape:

       Escape     Returns   Description
       addresses  string    the addresses to distribute to

       By  default, rcvdist uses the program post(8) to do the actual delivery
       of the message, although this can be changed by defining  the  postproc
       profile component.


       /etc/nmh/rcvdistcomps                Default message skeleton
       or <mh-dir>/rcvdistcomps             Rather than standard message skeleton
       /etc/nmh/mts.conf                    nmh mts configuration file
       $HOME/.maildelivery                  The file controlling local delivery
       /etc/nmh/maildelivery                Rather than the standard file


       rcvpack(1), rcvstore(1), rcvtty(1), mh-format(5), slocal(1)


       Only two return codes are meaningful, others should be.

[nmh-1.0.4]                         MH.6.8                          RCVDIST(1)

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