Rletopnm User Manual(0)                                Rletopnm User Manual(0)


       rletopnm  -  convert  a Utah Raster Tools RLE image file to a PNM image



       [--alphaout={alpha-filename,-}] [--headerdump|-h]



       All options may be abbreviated to their minimum unique abbreviation and
       options and arguments may be in any order.


       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       rletopnm  converts  Utah  Raster  Toolkit  RLE image files to PNM image
       files.  rletopnm handles four types of  RLE  files:  Grayscale  (8  bit
       data,  no  color map), Pseudocolor (8 bit data with a color map), True-
       color (24 bit data with color map), and Directcolor (24  bit  data,  no
       color  map).   rletopnm generates a PPM file for all these cases except
       for the Grayscale file, for which rletopnm generates a PGM file.

       rlefile is the RLE input file.  If it is absent or -, the  input  comes
       from Standard Input.


              rletopnm   creates  a PGM (portable graymap) file containing the
              alpha channel values in the input image.   If  the  input  image
              doesn’t  contain  an alpha channel, the alpha-filename file con-
              tains all zero (transparent) alpha values.  If you don’t specify
              --alphaout, rletopnm does not generate an alpha file, and if the
              input image has an alpha channel, rletopnm simply discards it.

              If you specify - as the filename, rletopnm writes the alpha out-
              put to Standard Output and discards the image.

              See pamcomp(1)foronewaytouse the alpha output file.

              This  option  causes  rletopnm   to operate in verbose mode.  It
              prints messages about what it’s doing, including the contents of
              the RLE image header, to Standard Error.

              This  option causes rletopnm to operate in header dump mode.  It
              prints the contents of the RLE image header to  Standard  Error,
              but does not produce any other output.


       rletopnm --verbose lenna.rle >lenna.ppm
              While  running  in verbose mode, convert lenna.rle to PPM format
              and store the resulting image as lenna.ppm.

       rletopnm --headerdump file.rle
              Dump the header information of the RLE file called file.rle.

       rletopnm --alphaout=dartalpha.pgm dart.rle >dart.ppm
              Convert RLE file dart.rle to PPM format as dart.ppm.  Store  the
              alpha  channel of dart.rle as dartalpha.pgm (if dart.rle doesn’t
              have an alpha channel, store a fully transparent alpha  mask  as


       pnmtorle(1), pnmconvol(1), pnm(1), ppm(1), pgm(1),


       Wes  Barris  Army  High  Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC)
       Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.

       Modifications by Eric Haines to support raw and plain formats.

       Modifications by Bryan Henderson to create alpha files and use mnemonic

netpbm documentation             13 April 2000         Rletopnm User Manual(0)

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