Doctor Fun presents Blobs, Page Twelve

Each cartoon is a 640x480 pixel, greyscale GIF.

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"The last thing I remember seeing, in letters that seemed a mile high, was the word 'Lysol'."

The other amoebas gleefully scattered to the corners of the slide as Carl counted to one hundred in another game of ooze and seek.

"I think you're an excellent candidate for cloning."

"Out of the water! Everybody out of the water! Paramecium!"

Kids love the wind-up oozing blob!

"Dear Daphne - how I long to run my pseudopods through your cilia..."

"I don't know what it was, but it sure cleaned up the town."

"Let's follow these guys - they seem to know where they're going."

"Gaaah! Too much chlorine!"

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