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May 19, 2000, thanks to Nicholas Barnard, the Doctor Fun Mailing List is back.

May 11, 2000, Mark Plaga's Doctor Fun search page is now on ibiblio. Try it out.

Doctor Fun is not always the sort of comic you'd find in your daily paper. The cartoon occasionally contains mature themes and/or strong language and may not be suitable for younger viewers. (On the other hand, it's not some XXX panel, so don't go jumping to conclusions.)

Each Doctor Fun cartoon is a 640x480 pixel, 24-bit color, JPEG image. The cartoons range in size from 80 to 150K.

All of the previous Doctor Fun cartoons are archived and available for viewing. Click here to browse the Doctor Fun archives.

The Official home of Doctor Fun is at ibiblio, at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. These are the only pages that I personally maintain. There are many other interesting online exhibits and resources at ibiblio; Click here to explore them.

Other people have generously donated their time and bandwidth to mirror the Doctor Fun cartoons in other locations to save downloading time. Some of these sites maintain the entire archive of cartoons, and some maintain a smaller archive of just the latest cartoons. Click here to see if there is a Doctor Fun archive closer to you than ibiblio.

In additional to the mirrors of the Doctor Fun pages and cartoons, two notable sites offer additional services not found here. Click here to send a Doctor Fun toonogram to your friends courtesy of Cyber Loft.

If you'd like the search the Doctor Fun archives, here are two options:

Jack Leblond at Net Smart Incorporated, has kindly provided a new mirror for Doctor Fun in the form of a search engine. Have fun.

Mark Plaga has created another Doctor Fun search page. Mark's page will display a slide show of cartoons after you make your search.

I am not soliciting ideas for Doctor Fun cartoons.

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