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UnZip is an extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip format (also called "zipfiles"). Although highly compatible both with PKWARE's PKZIP and PKUNZIP utilities for MS-DOS and with Info-ZIP's own Zip program, our primary objectives have been portability and non-MSDOS functionality.

UnZip will list, test, or extract files from a .zip archive, commonly found on MS-DOS systems. The default behavior (with no options) is to extract into the current directory (and subdirectories below it) all files from the specified zipfile. A companion program, Zip, creates .zip archives; both programs are compatible with archives created by PKZIP and PKUNZIP for MS-DOS, but in many cases the program options or default behaviors differ. (For example, UnZip recreates the stored directory structure by default; PKUNZIP unpacks all files in the current directory by default.)

The Unix port of UnZip 5.52 is reported to have a race-condition vulnerability, whereby a local attacker could change the permissions of the user's files during unpacking. (This has been assigned CVE #CAN-2005-2475.)

All versions of UnZip through 5.50 have a number of directory-traversal vulnerabilities, and version 5.50 also has a textmode data-corruption bug that affects 16-bit ports such as MS-DOS. See the FAQ page for details.

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Latest Release

New features in UnZip 5.52, released 27 February 2005:

Version 5.52 is a maintenance release pending the upcoming 6.0 release.

Future Plans

The next major release will be version 6.0, adding compatibility with PKWARE's large-file-support kludge. (Ideally the zipfile format itself should be overhauled, with clean support for large files, large file systems, and real timestamps. But that would have its own compatibility problems, of course.) It will probably also include multi-part archive support--something we've been begged to implement for years (and something that we would have, had we not been interrupted by far too many other eventful things)--since Zip 3.0 will. But if not, that will likely show up in a 6.1 release a few months later.

It is somewhat questionable whether there will be a subsequent major release, but on the off-chance that there is, it will probably be version 7.0, with a much-improved and unified DLL interface and possibly better file system support for the MVS and VM/CMS ports, assuming that doesn't happen sooner. And then perhaps version 8.0 will be released, with full filter support (that is, able to read and extract a zipfile from standard input like fUnZip does now), but now we're really dreaming. While we're at it, though, a tcl/tk or Python/PIL graphical interface might be nice--but see the related-links section for a pointer to TkZip, which already exists (and has for a long time).

Ready-to-Run Binaries

NEW RELEASE: Most binaries are contributed by third parties, so there's no fixed schedule for when any of them might appear. Those binaries typically provided by Info-ZIP team members (DOS, Win32, OS/2, Linux, FreeBSD, VMS) have already started showing up and should be fully available within a few weeks, though we make no promises. Please be patient, and feel free to grab the sources and compile your own!

NOTE: If you find a broken link, please tell us about it. Thanks!

Ready-to-run binary versions of UnZip are available for numerous platforms and operating systems.

IBM AIX 3.2.5 binaries (compatible with AIX 3.x through 5L), AIX 4.3 binaries (compatible with AIX 4.3 and all AIX 5L versions), and AIX 5L binaries can be found at:

AmigaDOS binaries can be found at most Aminet mirrors and at the Info-ZIP mirror sites:

Atari TOS/MiNT binaries can be found at:

BeOS binaries (for BeBox, PowerMac or Intel) can be found at:

Intergraph CLIX binaries can be found at:

ConvexOS binaries can be found at:

Digital Unix (OSF/1, Tru64) / Ultrix
Digital Unix (a.k.a. OSF/1 or Compaq Tru64 Unix) binaries for Alpha AXP, and Ultrix binaries for MIPS, can be found at:

FlexOS binaries (for IBM 4680 and 4690 point-of-sale terminals) can be found at:

FreeBSD binaries for x86-32 and x86-64 can be found at:

Hewlett-Packard HP-UX (PA-RISC) and MPE/iX (HP 3000) binaries can be found at: Thanks to Richard Lloyd for providing the older HP-UX binaries and to Jens von Bulow for providing the MPE/iX binaries!

Human68K (X68000)
Human68K (X68000 hardware) binaries can be found at:

Linux binaries for Intel x86 hardware can be found at: Note that the sources are reported to compile trivially on Linux/PowerPC (generic Unix target) and should do so on any Linux platform, including 64-bit ones.

A fully up-to-date graphical Mac OS port (MacZip 1.05, both Zip and UnZip functions) can be found at: In addition, a command-line version for Mac OS X only (from Apple's Developer Tools) is available courtesy of Roger Jolly.

DOS binaries can be found at:

MVS / OS/390 OpenEdition
Binaries for both classic MVS (a.k.a. OS/390 Base) and OS/390 OpenEdition can be found at: Note that we no longer have any mainframe folks among the core developers, so if you have problems or questions, try the mailing list(s), not the bug form. We cannot help you. This port is officially unsupported.

NetBSD binaries for many platforms can be found at:

Novell Netware
Binaries for Novell NetWare, version 3.x and later, can be found at: Also see the related HrZip and HrUnZip NLMs, which may (or may not) include more features.

1997 OS/2 e-Zine! Readers' Choice Winner OS/2 binaries can be found at:

SMS/QDOS binaries can be found at:

QNX binaries can be found at:

RISC OS binaries (e.g., for Acorn Archimedes) can be found at:

SCO Unix
SCO Unix binaries can be found at:

SGI Irix
SGI Irix binaries (compatible with Irix 4.x through 6.x) can be found at: Also see for SGI-packaged versions (possibly slightly out of date).

Solaris / SunOS
Sun SPARC binaries (for either Solaris 2.x or SunOS 4.1.x) can be found at:

Tandem NSK
Tandem NSK D30 binaries (should also run OK on D20 and D40) can be found at: Note that this version of UnZip can only create unstructured, object and text files, not Enscribe files. Thanks to Dave Smith for doing the port and providing the binaries! (Also see his Info-ZIP for Tandem web page.)

VM/CMS binaries can be found at: Thanks to Greg Hartwig for providing the binaries! Note that we no longer have any mainframe folks among the core developers, so if you have problems or questions, try the mailing list(s), not the bug form. We cannot help you. This port is officially unsupported.

VMS binaries for VAX and Alpha/AXP processors can be found at:

Windows 3.x
A graphical Windows 3.x port (WiZ 4.01, with both Zip and UnZip functions) and a 16-bit Windows DLL can be found at:

Windows 9x / ME/ NT / 2000 / XP / etc.
Win32 binaries (mainly for IA32/x86, but also IA64, x86-64/EM64T, Alpha AXP, MIPS and PowerPC) -- including command-line versions, two graphical flavors (WiZ and Pocket UnZip), and a 32-bit Windows DLL -- can be found at: See also CInfoZip and CGZipLibrary in the Related Links section for VB and MFC wrappers to the DLLs.

Windows CE
A lovely Windows CE 1.0 graphical port (Pocket UnZip) for MIPS- and Hitachi SH3-based palmtops can be found at: See also the Pocket UnZip help page for more information on installation and use of this port. There are no immediate plans either for an updated UnZip port (e.g., for WinCE 2.0 and 3.0) or for Zip support, though we'd like to do both eventually.

Source Code

Info-ZIP's portable C source code for Zip, UnZip, WiZ and MacZip (including encryption code) is freely available from:

Note that version 1.0 of the encryption/decryption code is available only from the Netherlands site and works only with Zip 1.1. Version 2.9 works with Zip 2.3. (UnZip 5.51 includes decryption support in the main source archive.)

Source code to IBM's UnZip DLL for OS/2 (distributed with the Warp BonusPak, WebExplorer, TCP/IP, etc.) is also available. This is the January 1995 version, made available courtesy of Jake Coughlin; we don't have the June 1995 update or anything newer. IBM graciously placed their changes in the public domain, and Info-ZIP thanks them for it.

Other Stuff

Technical information on zipfiles and other assorted Info-ZIP documentation is available from:

Technical information and documentation for deflate/inflate and zlib are available from :

Further information on where to find Info-ZIP stuff, including BBSes and commercial online services, is available in:

Information about commercial use, modification and redistribution of Zip, UnZip, WiZ and MacZip is available in:

It's basically BSD-like, but note that there may still be a few remaining files in some of the packages that are covered by different licenses.

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